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Juvenile Chianina Heifer vs Full Grown Brangus Cows

PJ with her Cows and calves

Napoleon, purebred Bull

Fly tag time

Chianina Heifer (approx 2 years old) with Pete, who is 6'2"

Juvenile Chianina Hefiers with Charolais Cow size comparison

PJ Handfeeding and socialising

Chianina Herd - Juvenile

Napoleon, Purebred Bull

Newborn Purebred Chianina Heifer, approx 3 days old

Purebred Chianina Calves x 2 and Chianina x Charolais Steer

Chianina Cow and 2 Purebred Calves

Purebred Chianina Bull Calf with his mother, approx 6 months old

Chianina at Sunset

Newborn Chianina Calf (approx 3 days old) beween Juvenile Chianina Heifer and Full Grown Brangus Cow.

Newborn Chianina Purebred Heifer (appro 3 days old) next to Full Grown Charolais Cow

Newborn Chianina Heifer next to Full Grown Charolais Cow

Chianina Mother and Daughter, Chianina x Charolais Calf

Size comparison Front - Back - Chianina x Chaolais Steer Calf, Full Grown Brangus Cow, and Juvenile Chianina Heifer.

Chianina x Charolais and Purebred Chianina

Mother and newborn Chianina Calf, 6m old Chianina Bull Calf in background

Young Chianina Calves

Chianina Newborn

Newborn Chianina Heifer, hours old

Chianina Mothering

Chianina Heifer Calf 3 days old

Leonardo, Purebred Bull

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